The Audit Group, Inc. : Overpayment & Workers Comp

Commercial Recovery

TAG understands that companies considering outsourcing their receivables to Collection Agencies seek an experienced, stable, ethical, and financially sound partner to provide full service account receivable management while ensuring a positive customer experience and maintaining the company's reputation.

  • TAG focuses on providing clients with cost effective and customized solutions with many value-added services.

  • TAG has the ability to get results while not sacrificing the quality expected.

  • Every service TAG provides is backed by our solid reputation and dedication to superior customer service.

  • TAG's quality assurance includes monitoring and evaluation of team members to ensure they are performing their work properly and to the highest standards.

  • TAG not only endeavors to increase your internal productivity and streamline costs, but strives to turn the findings of your Audit into visible recovery. We not only identify accounts with recovery potential, but load them to our recovery platform for immediate assignment to a commercial collection professional.

Custom Remit & Reporting Options

TAG's proprietary software and operating platform allows for the issuance of customized Ad-Hoc reporting options on both remittances and standard calendar reporting. TAG's internal technical team will adapt its system to the needs of its clients on an issue by issue basis.

TAG is currently providing remittance to our clients in several fashions. Let us know if you have specific requirements for remittance, as TAG is equipped to accommodate.

Horizon Active Portfolio Program

Manage your receivables on line with TAG's Receivables Management Program.

  • By having real time access to accounts, your credit manager can observe the account management process as it takes place.

  • Your authorized users will receive their own User ID code and pass word, allowing us to provide management with user access reports individually.

  • Your company can place accounts of any age up to six months old, although it is strongly suggested, as this is a management program, that accounts be placed at 60 days past due. This allows for a quicker determination of the account, and more importantly, an increase in cash flow.

  • So as not to potentially compromise current on-going customer relationships, all communications are in the form of a third party audit. The purpose is to allow the customer to confirm their obligation and advise when and how payment is to be made.

  • TAG's program gathers data that allows your credit or sales manager to determine whether they wish to extend additional credit terms to a customer based on their responses to the audit.

  • "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In terms of your receivables, let TAG be both by actively keeping accounts current, but also recouping on accounts in default.

The cost for this program is $5,400.00 for a block of 100 accounts. You are free to place as few as one or as many as 100 at any time. If an account has not paid by completion of the programs cycle (90-120 from day of placement) you may choose to place that account into TAG's collection cycle where a 15% contingency fee will apply.
At that time you may replace the account moved to collections with another account free of charge.

Internal & Remote Audit Solutions

TAG will travel to a designated location to conduct facility based audits with a minimum amount of interference with the daily workflow of its client. Basic workstation access and Internet availability are all that is needed. TAG also has the ability to electronically interface with client accounts receivable systems in order to facilitate remote audit solutions. By remote accessing client systems, TAG can effectuate the efficient, organized and confidential audits with absolutely no interference with the workflow of the client's location.

Missed Opportunity

TAG will audit accounts for missed opportunities in the recovery process. Proper review of available documents and account note histories frequently results in the discovery of information vital to a successful recovery.

Utility Revenue Recovery

TAG's Utility Revenue Recovery Department works with Utility Companies and Municipalities to recover costs associated with damaged equipment claims. At placement TAG will pull all relevant documentation including police reports, witness statements and in some cases review photos of incident when available. Once the responsible party has been identified TAG will pursue collection efforts on behalf of our client.

In the event the responsible party is Uninsured or Under insured TAG will work to secure payment in full or work out payment plans when needed. Should it be necessary TAG will request license suspension where allowed by law. TAG's Utility Revenue Recovery Specialists maintain a strong working knowledge of One Call Laws.

Vendor Overpayments

TAG has reviewed numerous claims where a vendor providing services on an account is either paid in error, overpaid or receives duplicate payments on the same invoice. Navigating the accounts receivable/payable processes of vendors can be a time consuming and complicated process. TAG has the ability to recognize these overpayment errors and map out account specific recovery strategies, without alienating a potentially important service provider.