The Audit Group, Inc. : Overpayment & Workers Comp

Turn Audit Findings into Recovery Results

TAG not only endeavors to increase your internal productivity and streamline costs, but strives to turn the findings of your Audit into visible recovery. We not only identify accounts with recovery potential, but load them to our recovery platform for immediate assignment to a collection professional.

Custom Remit & Reporting Options

TAG's proprietary software and operating platform allows for the issuance of customized Ad-Hoc reporting options on both remittances and standard calendar reporting. TAG's internal technical team will adapt its system to the needs of its clients on an issue by issue basis.

TAG is currently providing remittance to our clients in several fashions. Let us know if you have specific requirements for remittance, as TAG is equipped to accommodate.

Internal & Remote Audit Solutions

TAG will travel to a designated location to conduct facility based audits with a minimum amount of interference with the daily workflow of its client. Basic workstation access and Internet availability are all that is needed. TAG also has the ability to electronically interface with client accounts receivable systems in order to facilitate remote audit solutions. By remote accessing client systems, TAG can effectuate the efficient, organized and confidential audits with absolutely no interference with the workflow of the client's location.

Utility Loss Audit

We are in an era of corporate acquisitions, unprecedented industry growth in providing alternate energy sources to customers and ever increasing government regulations. Utility companies are finding it exceedingly ineffective to assign resources to internally recognize, track, and monitor claims relating to damage to their property caused by other parties.

Let TAG audit your internal damage claim reports, recognize recovery opportunities and implement a cost effective, efficient collection process.